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A&PRA is unique in its range of capabilities. For more than four decades our studio has built a reputation for:
  • Superior design, dependability and fair business standards
  • A creative staff extensively experienced in creating successful positioning and targeting strategies
  • Solutions tailored for stronger brand recognition and increased audience loyalty
  • Dedication to helping you achieve the highest levels of competitiveness and marketability in your product
  • Structured, detail-oriented, large-project management
  • Leading-edge technical experience in electronic systems and color scanning

A&PRA's leading-edge electronic support includes three T1 lines, in-house hi-res scanning, expert Photoshop skills, guaranteed film output, and color proofs. Across the country or around the corner, our clients' projects can be made available to them for soft editing 24-hours a day via:
  • Mulitiple full T1 Clear Channel lines to the internet at ftp.A& (very fast)
  • 22 ISDN dial-up lines, bonding up to 8 channels at a time (fast)
  • AppleTalk RemoteAccess or PPP service available via 33,600 or ISDN dial-up connections
  • TeleFinder BBS available via 33,600 dial-up or through the internet

When you're ready, email us or you can call us at (212) 555-4321. We will supply you with all the information you need including your own user account.
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